Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nah, that's not a midlife crisis or anything

This is another contribution from Yankee Belle

Hey! I was at the Sugarland concert in Tampa last night and this woman and her friend sat in front of me. We saw lots of twinkie little girls in quite similar outfits. But the funny thing about this woman? She was in her late 40's and looked like she'd been rode hard and put up wet. You could just tell by her outfit, attitude, and addiction to text messaging on her phone that she had raided her teenage daughter's closet for this girl's night out. She texted on that little phone through the whole concert. The best part? She eventually spilled a full glass of beer on herself. :-) There were all kinds of Florida redneck wtf-ness all over last night, but this woman was by far my favorite.


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