Sunday, May 17, 2009

A board short of a load

It's another instance of what I call the "StepSister Syndrome". You know, like from Cinderella, where her stepsister says "I'll MAKE it fit!"

Today's submission arrived in my inbox from Sunny Yukon. You may need to click on the picture to really see what she's talking about here.
Sunny writes:
"Not a great shot, the sun was in my face, sorry. I'm also not on my favorite computer, so if the cropping needs to be redone, let me know.
Anyways, it's a guy driver, who purchased one board at the lumber yard, and stuck it crossways through his windows to take home. So glad I wasn't on the HIGHWAY lane next to him! He came back for a second board later... I should have asked what happened to the first one.
He drove really carefully through the gate... didn't want to get it caught there, yet he's not worried about the other lanes on the highway...
Cheers :)"

Cheers indeed Sunny. Cheers that he didn't hit your gates and give you more work to do ;)

For some reason I am envisioning a dog trying to get a bone in the house through the doggy door...except the bone is bigger than the door.