Monday, June 15, 2009

New meaning to "do it yourself"

I just have no words. I will refer you back to this post though, for the mere fact that this kind of thing keep occurring. That, and Persnickety says it so well already.

And once again, I'll remind you of the disclaimer. Plus if you don't want it to be seen here, don't do it in public.

When the bough breaks

My child-free-by-choice sister who thinks kids are sticky noisy and sticky sent me this picture of a baby being worn... saying "Yes... its a real baby. poor thing was wobbling" I don't know if she meant the baby was wobbling or the boy carrying the baby was, but either way, it can't be good. And I can only imagine that the boy was handed the baby in the carrier and strapped together while the carrier is sized for the parent.