Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's a sad state of our economic times...

When not only can a man (spotted at the local post office a few days before Christmas) not afford a passable toupee, but also can't afford to wear pants and feels that it is perfectly OK to appear in public in his underarmor. This guy goes to the top of the worst dressed list of all time. The only thing that would have sealed the deal of putting him in the number one spot? If he had been wearing socks with those flip-flops.

The state of the economy has hit hard in all areas of the world, but it hasn't stopped some people from still enjoying their favorite pastimes. Like say...going out on your fishing boat to make sure you can provide a meal for your family. Sadly, when you are so broke you can't afford the tow trailer for the boat, you come up with alternatives to "Git-er-done."

'Nuff said. Stay tuned for your next installment...CLSW is always on the lookout for the idiosyncrasies that make up our crazy world. Don't forget to send in any of your own quirky, funny, strange, or just downright wrong photos so we can pick them apart piece by piece in the snarkiest manner a true smart-ass can accomplish!

*Disclaimer: If a posted photo is of you and/or your property and you wish to have it removed from this blog to avoid future potential ridicule, please contact the blog authors immediately. The blog authors reserve the right to photograph and document any and all acts of WTF in the interest of entertainment and humor at your expense.


  1. Oh my freakin' God!! You are just too damn funny! I can NOT wait to see what you post here!!! Bravo!

    *Holy shit!! My word vert is "efucter."

    How'd your buddy's date go last night? Any luck?

    Yeah, efucter!

  2. Okay, I was doing good, just reading the blog, thinking holy crap people are way stupider than I remember when I stumbled across the comment above me and totally lost it! efucter - priceless!