Monday, June 15, 2009

When the bough breaks

My child-free-by-choice sister who thinks kids are sticky noisy and sticky sent me this picture of a baby being worn... saying "Yes... its a real baby. poor thing was wobbling" I don't know if she meant the baby was wobbling or the boy carrying the baby was, but either way, it can't be good. And I can only imagine that the boy was handed the baby in the carrier and strapped together while the carrier is sized for the parent.


  1. Oh my hell!!! That mother should be reported to DCFS!!

  2. If my older kids are going to wear a baby, I'd at least readjust the straps on the carrier for them. My sister later said the boy was just swinging the baby back and forth even, all while mom was preoccupied with a middle child, wearing only a diaper - while appearing to be too old to be even IN diapers.