Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shopping adventures

I am currently on the hunt for some clothes that will fit my expanding form. In my travels and desire to remain as cheap as possible, I have started scoping out second hand stores for maternity clothes. I normally shop in second hand stores anyway, so it's always an adventure and a crap shoot. Today was a bust. Except that in my search, I found this:

Yes, these are pleather maternity pants. With a full belly panel. Talk about partying like a rock star or something.

I can't imagine what pregnant woman, in her right mind, would don these pants and go out in public wearing them.

Then again, it's been well documented that preggo-brain does in fact exist in some study citing some sort of results about pregnancy depleting like 7% of a woman's brain with each pregnancy. My apologies, I can't begin to search for that study, I'll get distracted by some other shiny object and forget to come back and link the study to the post. It's safe to say since I'm pregnant w/ #4, I'm doomed. At least I haven't been pregnant so many times I think these pants are rockin'. That would indeed be a case of "Pregnant Crazy Lady Wore WHAT?


  1. Those are FANTASTIC! You could get my flabby thighs in a pair of pleather pants not pregnant. Can you imagine if someone who carried their baby weight in their rear decided that they had to have these? *shiver*

  2. OMG! It's my preggo friend Collene! LOL! I would have to buy them just to scare the sh*t out of my Husband!