Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rats & Babies

Ok this one comes to me via my crackbook friends Kim & Megan. Megan shared with Kim, who then suggested I share it here. Indeedy.
The story goes that Megan took her son to the Rat's house of Pizza and Cesspool of Germs and Cacophony of Noise. It's more commonly and commercially known as Chuck E Cheese. They were leaving, as a family with a newborn emerged from the vehicle and proceeded to celebrate bringing home baby at said petri dish.
The caption on her picture read "1 - WTF kind of grammar is that? 2 - Who brings a newborn to CEC?"
And in case the picture isn't easy to decipher the scrawled Redneckese, it says "JUSt homecome-d"

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