Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Think outside the name

The crackbook junkie that I am, I was online while I waited for the baby to go back to sleep. I actually caught my aunt online. I was chatting with her and she said she had a funny story to tell me. She told me and I insisted she get a copy of the receipt to me. Through the magic of facebook, she obliged, and I am able to entertain you here with this case of WTF-ness.

In her words: "went to tacobell tonite for dinner and you give your first name for meal pick up when you order inside,right, well i gave my name as rita cause that is my name,right, it is spelled rita, so this guy calls my name i pick up the order and glance down at the receipt and see that he has written RHEE-duh"

In case you need a translation from my overworked aunt's extensive run-on sentence: She went to Taco Bell and when you place your order inside they ask your first name for pickup. (Like they do at Starbucks). She gets her food, looks down at her receipt and sees that he's grossly misspelled her name. He in fact, he OVER spelled it. She didn't spell her name for this guy, so he spelled it phonetically. I'm sure my Grandmere was just pleased as punch to learn her daughter's name was spelled wrong all this time. What's even funnier is my cousin works for another Taco Bell store a few miles away from this one.

Poor taco guy. He worked overtime on that one and didn't get any extra pay for it.


  1. Wait......he didn't include an apostrophe somewhere?!? ;- )

  2. Classic example of da stayt ov hour edjcashun sistem.